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Dani's Garden is a subsidiary of FTC Programs (FTC PROGRAMS). 

We are multifaceted and provide therapy and therapeutic coaching to individuals, families, couples, groups, professionals, paraprofessionals, and executives. As a virtual international program we provide therapy to clients located in Indiana and therapeutic coaching to clients in the United States, Saudi Arabia, Italy, France, Japan, Germany, Canada, and Belize. Through our diverse programs, we want to offer you opportunities to take control over your life, your goals, and your choices. 

IOP Disordered Eating Programs

There are no two disordered eating presentations that are the same. So, Dani’s Garden work to provide whole person treatment centered around your specific disordered eating behaviors. We understand that one can be triggered by specific conversations associated with a different behavior from someone else. Even though we can’t prevent this 100% of the time, by allowing you to be in a group that pertain to your specific behaviors we hope to ensure you are able to focus on circumstances that you are able to relate to and understand better in your personal experiences.  

Disordered eating group

We are here for you. We offer you programs that help you achieve your goal of being fully recovered as you learn ways to continue the healing process upon completion of Dani's Garden. Our groups are designed to help those after inpatient programming who continue to need structure, those who are in recovery but still have issues remaining focused on their recovery goals, as well as those with disordered eating who have not been diagnosed with an eating disorder but wants structure for preventive measures.

Client Focused Groups

Therapeutic Coaches

Training and education of disordered eating can help you learn more about you, your family members or those you treat.  Sign up for our bi-weekly training and education Dani's Harvest.

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