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CEO’s Message

Hello there! At Dani’s Garden, we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual’s journey towards recovery. We understand that no two paths of disordered eating are the same, which is why we tailor our approach to fit your specific needs, guiding you towards full recovery. By embracing the ‘whole person’ concept, we delve deep into understanding your disordered eating, its role in your life, and assist you in unlearning the negative thoughts and behaviors that have become a part of your daily routine. Disordered eating encompasses a range of irregular eating behaviors that may not meet the criteria for a diagnosed eating disorder. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to address these issues as they can lead to the development of an eating disorder if ignored. Remember, while disordered eating is not a diagnosis, it’s a description of behavior patterns that should not be underestimated in terms of the need for treatment and the potential severity of associated health concerns.

The distinction between disordered eating and an eating disorder lies in the diagnosability of behaviors and symptoms according to the DSM, as defined by the American Psychiatric Association. It’s essential to recognize that disordered eating is a significant condition, even though it may not always be apparent.

At Dani’s Garden, we’ve designed our programs with professionals to help you navigate through the complexities of disordered eating. Whether it’s learning to normalize eating habits pre and post bariatric surgery, making informed choices for diabetes management, addressing night or emotional eating, or nurturing your body during pregnancy, we’re here to support you. While we don’t diagnose medical conditions, our focus is on addressing disordered eating in a way that enhances your overall health through the development of healthy eating behaviors.

It’s time to break the silence surrounding disordered eating. With Dani’s Garden, you’ll find a supportive environment to transition from Recovery to Recovered, learning to live a life free from disordered eating and eating disorders.

Our Uniqueness- Why Us

At Dani’s Garden, we embrace each individual’s journey with a compassionate and enthusiastic approach, recognizing that disordered eating and eating disorders affects everyone differently. Our programs are designed to ages 3 and older with their parents, teens, adults, and the elderly of all backgrounds, guiding them from recovery to a state of full recovery. We understand that disordered eating is often subtle and overlooked, which is why we offer a comprehensive, multifaceted treatment that includes holistic care to address the whole person.

Our therapeutic coaching, integrative nutrition, and movement coaching, including trauma-weight lifting and therapeutic art coaching, are tailored to meet your unique needs. We’re here to support your transition from recovery to recovered, ensuring you have the support you need when it matters most.

Dani’s Garden, a subsidiary of FTC Programs, has been guiding clients since 2002, helping them find their path to full recovery through therapeutic coaching techniques. We’ve listened to your needs and expanded our programs to address disordered eating, eating disorders, and providing a pathway for those who may not fit the criteria for a DSM diagnosis but still require support. We recognize the importance of understanding the role disordered eating plays in your life and are dedicated to helping you identify and overcome these behaviors. Our goal is to help you be true to yourself and find freedom. 

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