We are working to give you information that will help you learn more about disordered eating and how it can be debilitating to entire families. DG has been working tirelessly to provide you with the most update information regarding DE and other comorbid struggles that may trigger you at any time. 


Dani's Garden Podcast is live! We are bringing you our best conversations about disordered eating and other struggles that are associated with DE. We talk about disordered eating from all perspectives to include the individual, family members and intimate partners, friends, coworkers, treatment professionals, and those from the outside looking in. Disordered eating comes in many forms and can often be minimize or overlooked when there are struggles with hoarding, substance use/abuse, teen sports, student athletes, pre and post bariatric surgery and so much more. Visit us biweekly and hear what we have to share. If you are interested in being a guest on our show or have your own story to tell, we want to create a platform for you. Just email: [email protected]. Listen to us on Amazon-MusicAudibleBuzzsprout, SpotifyDeezerPlayer FM, and Listen Notes.

Open Letter Series

Many know about the disordered eating voice and how it can be overwhelming to those to struggle to fight it. We have created an open letter series from the eating disorder voice to help families and friends here the DE voice from the clients perspective. You can read our Open Letter Series in our bi-weekly posts on Linkedin.  Dani's Harvest

Our training and education program designed to provide you the most up to date and accurate information regarding disordered eating and other issues associated with your struggle with food. This program provides you biweekly training at minimal cost. You order our bi-weekly training HERE.  


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