DG Podcast

Dr. Felton and Coach Shirley discuss how Trauma Informed Weightlifting (TIWL) can be a healthy way to build muscle mass for those struggling with disordered eating and eating disorders. They are bringing TIWL to Dani's Garden an International Treatment program for those struggling with trauma and eating disorders/disordered eating. Coach Shirley is a Certified Health Coach and Fitness Instructor and a Trauma Informed Weightlifting Practitioner. She has been with Dani’s Garden for a year and a half providing therapeutic coaching to clients struggling with trauma, eating disorders, and disordered eating. Coach Shirley has been largely successful in bringing support of recovery to our clients through a wide range of coaching treatment modalities and we are excited to be able to add Trauma Informed Weightlifting to our programs.

Dani's Garden Podcast E5 | Dani's Garden- Conversations about disordered eating for everyone. Episode on Amazon Music

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