1. What do you treat?

We treat various forms of disordered eating. Disordered eating may include symptoms and behaviors of eating disorders but are of a lesser frequency and level of severity. They may include types of disordered eating that includes inflexible eating patterns and behaviors and is not diagnosable under the DSM

2. What’s the difference between eating disorders and disordered eating?

An eating disorder is a clinical diagnosis, whereas disordered eating are abnormal eating patterns that do not meet the criteria for an eating disorder diagnosis. One factor that we must consider is that those with an eating disorder may not demonstrate patterns of disordered eating however; those with disordered eating if left untreated, may lead to a diagnosable eating disorder. You can think of getting treatment for disordered eating or patterns of disordered eating behaviors as a preventive measure. is  

3. What other conditions do you see that are common with disordered eating?

Disordered eating encompasses several different types of other behaviors that are common for some but not for others. At DG we see a variety of different disordered eating behaviors which is why we spend so much time creating groups that are more specific to treat your common issues or those similar to it. We notice fad diet, heightened focus on appearance, skipping meals, use of diet pills, extreme social media focus, hoarding behaviors with food, extreme undereating, struggles through wt. loss surgery, and a host of other behaviors.

4. Do you have treatment for professionals who may be triggered when treating others?

Absolutely we will continue to work with you through any struggles you may have as we are all human with human struggles. It is not uncommon to be triggered when treating others and Dani's Garden is a safe and confidential place to move from recovery to recovered.

5. What is the most common aspect of disordered eat you see resurfacing when you are are in recovery.

When life happens such as weddings, grief, marriage, pregnancy, new job, starting college, or changing schools, and/or changes in social economic status there can be stressors out of our control. This is an opportunity for disordered eating to be triggered. Before this happens, you will have an opportunity to explore your thoughts and fears about managing your fears or struggles in a heathy manner. (Questions about disordered eating-I can come up with about 5 to 8)

6. Do you take insurance, and how does that work? 

We do not take insurance as insurance in mental health only covers for mental health conditions diagnosable under the DSM. Dani's Garden is a coaching program will provide you with the best cost-effective treatment you can find internationally. We offer 2 scholarships a year and short payment plans for those that meet minimum qualifications.

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