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Disordered Eating (DE) refers to an abnormal pattern of eating that does not warrant a clinical diagnosis. The behaviors are often less frequents and less intense than that of a diagnosable eating disorder. It can involved behaviors that limit food choices, restrict food intake, make us feel out of control, and create negative feelings of shame and guilt. DE can be more subtle making it challenging to identify. It can also contribute to the development of an eating disorder if unaddressed, so treatment is essential. An individual with an eating disorder may exhibit some disordered eating behaviors; however, not everyone disordered eating can be diagnosed with an eating disorder. 

Dani's Garden was founded to help those struggling with disordered eating as a preventive measure to an eating disorder. We help those in Preventive Care, as a step-down program for Recovery and Support, and a step-down for Maintenance. 


Hoarding and Food insecurities

Alcohol and other use


Binge Eating/Night Eating






Military on all levels 

Pre and post Wt. Loss Surgery


Because we are a virtual international treatment program we recognize the importance of being available during a time that coincides with you schedule. Our programs are 8 weeks in duration, 2 days a week, for 3 hours each day. Groups start at 9 am EST time through 7 pm EST time. We have 27 different types of groups allowing clients to be in a group that coincides with your disordered eating specifically. We have found that group participation is effective to treating disordered eating but can be triggering if those in your group have vastly different personal experiences causing your disordered eating to present differently. All of our programs will have different therapeutic coaching components that include Integrative Holistic Nutrition, Somatic Movement Coaching, Therapeutic Art Coaching, Family and Intimate Partner Coaching, Recovery Coaching, Skills Development, Trauma Focused Coaching, and Open Processing to allow us an opportunity to treat the whole person.  Different aspects of coaching gives clients an opportunity to grow and recover at a pace and in a space they are comfortable in. 

training and education program for family, caregivers, and treatment professionals 

Disordered eating is not a new concept. DE is often overlooked or misdiagnosed. Dani's Garden training and education program 'Dani's Harvest' was developed to educate everyone about disordered eating, signs, and treatment processes. You can register and participate in our training and education bi-weekly programs by signing up HERE

Felton International Therapeutic coaching academy

Our therapeutic coaches come from a variety of different educational backgrounds that allow them to treat the whole person with our three therapeutic coaching approaches, Behavioral, Solution-Focused, and Holistic treatments. Many of them are participating or graduates from FITCA a Therapeutic Coaching Academy that embodies Dani's Garden's approaches to disordered eating treatment. 

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